Earn Your Happy Ending.
I just changed the name of my Tumblr again.

It used to be called “Skinny Love.” which is a phrase that is used when describing a situation when two people are too shy to say they love each other but act like it and show it.

I had that because that was where I was with Sky.

But not anymore. I love her. That’s all. ^^

The new name is the name of a trope from tvtropes.org: “Earn Your Happy Ending.”


Because that’s EXACTLY what I have to do.

And goddamn it, I will. :)

Just Two Words - Moonis M. [A short snippet of writing.]

"I looked into your beautiful eyes and I smiled that mischievous smile that’s gotten us into more trouble than we’d care to count. And then I whispered the two words. 

Just two words that made your eyes light up and a smile appear on your face. Two words that got your heart beating fast. Two words that carry with them, so much promise and hope and expectation that NOT listening to them would be the worst decision you could ever make.

Just two words that were going to change our lives forever.

'Let's run.' 

And we ran.”

What kind of a person would remind their ex that THEY did the dumping? :S

A very low, sick and immature thing to say. Maybe you dumping them SAVED your ex from the disaster that’s YOU… 

Just a thought. :)

"A Warm Cup of Tea" by Moonis M. [A short snippet of writing due to random inspiration.]

‎”A warm cup of tea, tasty as fuck. You are about to drink it. 

You bring it close and you feel the warmth. You take a small sip. It is hot but not too hot. Sweet but not too sweet. It is juuuuust right. In every way. And then you swallow it.

You feel the tea warms you up inside. The chest, the stomach, the rest… 

That feeling of warmth just coming from within, coupled with the sweet taste left in your mouth and the promise of so much more to come [because you can see that the perfect cup of tea isn’t even HALF empty yet].

That’s how you make me feel.”

I just changed the name of my Tumblr again.

It used to be a name I really liked, “Spooky Action at a Distance”, which was Einstein’s way of describing the phenomenon that is “Quantum Entanglement”.

And now, I have changed it to “Skinny Love.”

This is what it means: "When two people love each other but are too shy to admit it but they still show it."

And that’s what I am going through right now so…

What’s it like having a family that actually loves each other?

Lemme just establish the status quo of my life so I can carry on acting like an idiot and y’all get the context.
  • Liked someone a lot.
  • It failed.
  • Tried hard to move on.
  • It failed.
  • Tried harder to move on.
  • It succeeded.
  • Tried to be her friend.
  • Succeeded and kept succeeding. Still am succeeding.
  • A close friend and I got closer due to mutual pain and were helping each other through it when one day, something clicked and we started liking each other.
  • Slowly, over time, the attraction grew and now, we are into each other.
  • Taking it slow and enjoying each other’s company and seeing here it goes.
  • I’d like to be with her one day soon.
  • It’s early but I feel like she could be the girl that is actually crazy enough to stay…
  • I am happy now.
  • Very happy.
  • Her name is “Sky”, if you care. [It’s obviously not her REAL name but that’s all you’re getting outta me. :P]
  • She is 19 years old, she has great taste in music, is a great cook and is very curious and intelligent. 
  • I like her a lot and I respect her a lot more.
  • One day, I’d like to fall in lo..lo.. loarghasldkjas with her. You know what I mean, right? =__=
  • Until that day, the only L-word I know is “Lesbian.” The only OTHER L-word I know is “Lesbians.”
  • So I guess I “Lesbians” her.
  • Oh and she “Lesbians” the shit outta me too, by some strange twist of fate.
  • Life is good.
  • And so is beef. <3
  • Good, I mean. :D
  • So yeah.

And that’s a story no one cares about. :P


the way they look at each other

This reminds me if someone&#8230; ^^&#8221;


the way they look at each other

This reminds me if someone… ^^”

I just changed the name of my Tumblr again.

It sued to be “The Hardest Part…” which was a Coldplay song and I used it because I had my heart broken and was going through the emotional blender that is “moving on” at the time.

But I did it and am now experiencing better days so I felt like I should let go of the sadness and go for something more positive and/or cool.

And so, I changed the name of my blog to “Spooky Action at a Distance…” That is a term coined by Albert Einstein to describe the strange effects of the physics phenomenon, “Quantum Entanglement”.

"Quantum entanglement is the name given to a special connection between pairs or groups of quantum particles. Sometimes, two particles will act together and become an entangled system. They behave like one object, but remain two separate objects. It is as if they now sit on the same seesaw. No matter how long the seesaw is, even if it is a billion miles long, if one end is down the other end must be up, and this happens instantly. This happens faster than light can travel from one particle to the other."

Repeat after me: "SCIENCE IS COOL!" :D