Earn Your Happy Ending.
Blanket by Moonis M. [Random snippet of writing. These seem to keep popping up these days. :P]

‎”It’s a quiet night and there is a chill in the air. It rained earlier today so there’s a freshness that hangs in the air somehow as well.

Everything is cold. From the walls to the floor to the water to the air to the food. Everything is cold. Everything… except me.

I am unusually warm and toasty tonight. And I am this way because I have you wrapped around me. You make me feel safe and comfortable and warm. The best part is that I know you’ll be with me until I wake up tomorrow, ready to face the world again.

I would wonder what tomorrow has to offer but that’s a problem for Future-Me. Tonight? I just want to drift off to sleep in your ‘arms’, my dear blanket. 

And drift, I shall…”

Something by Moonis M. [A random snippet.]

"There was something in your eyes. It was in your smile, in the way you walked over, the way you said my name and in the way you shyly looked away. There was something in your eyes and it was daring me to move.

And so I moved.”


Life has been pretty good lately…

I hung out with friends, I had some good food, Ramadan is over, I went out on a date that ended well, I watched some anime with a cousin [whom I ADORE <3], I sneaked out at night again, I am getting over my ex and did I mention that the date ended VERY well? :D

It is good. :)

I’m starting to think about all the broken people everywhere, including myself, and what’s going to happen to us in the end…

I thought about it a lot and I can’t shake the feeling that maybe someday, we’ll end up finding people who fit between the cracks. And us breaking was what MADE them suitable for us. 

Or am I just being too optimistic? O.o

I feel lighter. Guilt-free. Like I reached a proper ending.

Now, I can move forward.

It will still take time though. :)


I quit.