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Hey this is a great topic for my show… :O

Hey this is a great topic for my show… :O

"I have work."

"I have class."

Best. Excuses. EVER!

Hello again, Tumblr.

So I’ve been away again. I’m really not the most loyal, am I? :P

Oh well. I’m sorry. But I’m back now and with stories galore. So bear with me… ^^

Development is the word of the month. Education, employment, relationships, friendships, video gaming skills, familial connections, living standards, etc. Everything has been developing.

So let’s just get right into it with some sexy bullet points:

  • First and foremost, I am now in a relationship! :O That is to say, I have a girlfriend. And she got into it, wholeheartedly and everything. xD And she doesn’t even seem like she is creepy / insecure / psycho / Satan or anything! :O And the way she makes me feel… Oh don’t even get me STARTED! ^^” If you’re wondering who this awesome girl is, she is the girl I refer to on my blog as Doc. And that’s all you’re getting out of me. :P
  • I am now taking classes to redo my A/Levels privately. Bio, Chem and Physics… ^^ I am paying for it on my own and classes are really cool and I am enjoying it. Hell, I am liking this crap so much I talk about it out of the class too… O__o Like the other day, I talked to Doc about the adaptations of the blood vessels and the left ventricle of the heart with Doc. :P I also drew her a [heavily modified and scientifically bullshit] Velocity-Time graph [which I named a ‘Relationship-Time graph’] which represented our feelings. The gradient is ‘Love,’ btw… :P
  • My dad and I are really close now and I mail him a lot. It’s awesome. :D I mailed him minutes after Doc and I got together and everything too… ^^” It feels like I might get to have a close relationship with him like I always wanted. :)
  • My mom and I are not actively in conflict and she knows she can count on me and she doesn’t bug me about studying and that’s good enough for me. :P
  • My job as an RJ at Capital Radio 93.6 is going great and my show is REALLY picking up and I am loving it. :D I get a lot of regular callers and texters now and I am very happy. I think I am starting to show up on the radar of the average radio-listener… ^^
  • My friends and I… I’ve lost some close people and become close to some new people. Some old friendships have made a resurgence and things are generally okay. But Sara is ever my best friend, Dan and Imy, my bros and Doc, my girl. ^^”
  • I moved to a new apartment. Same building, one floor down. And then I set up my own internet connection with my own money and I got myself a table to do my work and study and I got myself a new bed and some new pillows and a new mattress. This room is now my castle and I’m the freakin’ man! :D
  • I have also been playing some great video games; Catherine and Alan Wake. *__*

And that’s the long and short of it. I could go on but it’s 2.59AM so let’s just end it here.

Now for some reblogging…

Hello again, Tumblr.

I’ve been off you because of me not having the internet.

In that time, the following things have happened:

  • I started classes [A/Level Bio, Chem, Physics] privately.
  • My show has become more and more well-known… :’O
  • Doc and I are so much closer now… O__O I think I am falling for this girl, guys. The ‘l-word’ and all that stuff, yo! :O
  • My mom is sick and needs an operation. Thank GOD for health insurance or I’d feel like Peter Parker. >__>”
  • I got my own internet in my room, paid for by meeeeeeee!!!!

 Life is generally good. 

Mood :



Oh I can SO relate to this!

I got some REALLY good news about work today and also from Doc.

Life’s GOOD! :’D

Good night, Tumblr!

Too tired to continue.

Today was one of the best days at work since I began my show. I loved it and I was EXTREMELY busy! It was awesome! :’D

And then, Doc made it even better… ^^

So lemme just go dream about sappy shit or something. I dunno. Good night.

Some songs are just not suited for the radio.




It happens at work all the time when niggas request songs I hate for various emotional reasons.

Like Lifehouse songs. >__>



It happens at work all the time when niggas request songs I hate for various emotional reasons.

Like Lifehouse songs. >__>

One could use this link to check out my show over the internet if one desired. :P

I will be on at 3PM, Male’ Maldives time. That is, UTC +05:00… ^^

It is now 12.57PM. :)

I hate our power company, Stelco.

The power cuts for the area my station’s at is for an hour. The only hour MY show is on.

GOD, this sucks!