Earn Your Happy Ending.
It’s officially the summer holidays!


Today was just freaking crazy and fun. Sure it wasn’t fun being in a hall, watching people get awards. Okay, so it wasn’t fun but it kicked me in the ass in the best way ever. Yes, there’s a good way of kicking people in the ass. 

If I try, I KNOW I can get something! I know I can do it, I know that I’m being a quiet loser in school for no good reason. I just need to stop being so quiet and so pathetic, make more friends, improve my grades and all that stuff. I guess I’ve already started on that though. This year, I went on two field trips, sang on a fucking stage and won third place for it, ran my own stall and got RM.60 for it AND I sang in the choir today. Sure it wasn’t really much compared to many other people but this is me progressing. That’s a huge deal because I never expected this much progress. I also got satisfying results and my report card, yeah, I like staring at it. I had friends over this year, I went out with friends and I’ve just had a good one this year. And next year, in year 10, I’m going to do better, make more friends, talk to more people and be more interactive in class because all the teachers seem to think that my only problem in class is that I do no participate in class discussions. Even that, I plan to change. 

Maybe not the first day or the second, but I want to slowly be more ‘me’ at school and study harder. And be on the freaking stage more often. Even IF I don’t end up getting an award, I want to look back to THIS year, and think to myself how much MORE I’ve progressed. 

GAH, this is looking good. 

I am so proud of you… ^^”

I know it’s weird to reblog personal text posts like this but fuck it! >.< [Lol. Butt-fuck-it :P] 

I just NEED you to know how fucking proud I am of you. You are an amazing girl and I am lucky to know you. :)

Would it be weird if I told you that seeing you progress this year motivated ME to do my own growing too? ^^”

"thorsome started following you"

Oh Zura…